Dr. John Knight

ohn Knight, MDDr. John Knight is a world renowned Board Certified and Fellowship Trained Orthopedic Surgeon and has gained recognition as a highly reputable hand and wrist specialist. He specializes in minimally invasive, innovative procedures to treat ailments and injuries of the hand, wrist and the upper extremities. He is currently Director of the Hand and Wrist Institute and has been serving this role since 2009.

Dr. Knight has over twenty years of highly specialized experience and has completed over 15,000 procedures. He holds many certifications, including certification as a Qualified Medical Examiner which he received in 2000, Certificate of Added Qualifications in Surgery of the Hand received in 1996, American Board of Orthopedic Surgery received in 1995 and Federal Licensing Exam received in 1987. Dr. Knight is also a prominent member of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons and the California Orthopedic Association. Prior to his role as Director of the Hand & Wrist Institute, he served as Founder and President of the Los Angeles Hand & Wrist Medical Associates, Inc. from 2001 to 2009.

Dr. Knight's reputation precedes him; he has earned national acclaim for his involvement in the passing of the Aviation Medical Assistance Act in 1998. He has also achieved numerous accomplishments over the years, one of the most notable being that he was one of the first physicians in the Southern United States to successfully perform a toe to thumb transplant. In addition, he was also among the first in the nation to implant the Free Hand System.

Dr. Knight has been featured in numerous articles, including "Put more lifesaving equipment on planes" in The Shreveport Times, "Innovative surgical procedure restores man’s missing thumb" in The Times, "Cardiac Arrest in the Air" in The Washington Post and "Airlines Split on Need for Medical Gear" in The Wall Street Journal.

The Hand and Wrist Institute is a leading medical practice committed entirely to the diagnosis, treatment and health of the hands, wrists and the upper extremities. The Hand & Wrist Institute specifically specializes in treating patients with injuries, deformities and disorders. It is the goal of the Hand and Wrist Institute to discover the most effective solution for each patient on an individual, case by case and outpatient basis.

While conservative treatments are successfully used on the majority of patients, there are cases where surgery is required. On average, 1 out of every 10 patients who visit the Hand & Wrist Institute require surgery. In those cases, the Hand and Wrist Institute utilizes cutting edge research and technology and minimally invasive techniques to reduce the time and intensity of pain experienced during the recovery period.

The Hand & Wrist Institute is dedicated to the health and care of its patients and maintains the highest level of standards and cleanliness. The center features state of the art equipment, the most current arthroscopic and endoscopic capabilities and highly experienced staff all under the direction of Dr. Knight.

Dr. Knight provides patients with the benefits of high quality care and treatment. He employs a consolidated approach that involves diagnosing and treating conditions with conservatism as the key. In addition, he performs pain management procedures with the goal of improving the quality of life of his patients. His cutting edge surgical procedures and rehabilitation has helped and continues to help countless patients. Dr. Knight is able to perform practically any non-surgical or surgical procedure required for the ultimate healing of the hand, wrist or elbow.

Dr. Knight offers patients initial consultations and expert medical second opinions with comprehensive reports. All consultations are offered as in office consultations, phone consultations or virtual consultations.